11 Content Ideas For Farmers Running Social Media Accounts

Our economies are increasingly digitalized, and it's important for famers to not fall behind. Building up a loyal follower base on social media will help you reach new customers and provide more and better opportunities for selling your products.

But if you are just getting into social media marketing, a question you might have is What the heck should I post?

To answer your question, below are content ideas that should keep on account regularly running and increase engagement with your followers!

  1. What’s in Season? - Show off your best seasonal produce with vibrant photos.

  2. Celebrate Holidays! Post a quick status or a picture of you and your buddies. Don’t forget the wacky ones. (National Naked Gardening Day is May 1st!).

  3. Recipes are ALWAYS popular. Especially authentic family favourites. Video recipes with quick and simple steps are even better.

  4. Curated content. Share an insightful article about farming with a few of your thoughts.

  5. Ask your audience questions (and include a photo). “The spring flowers are blooming on the farm! What’s blooming in your yard right now?”

  6. Quick tips and advice. “It’s May. Time to plant the tomatoes!”

  7. Everybody loves videos.

  8. Share a testimonial from a customer.

  9. Inspirational quotes. It can be your own thoughts, or a quick Google will help you find loads of results!

  10. Ask for customer feedback. “Which vegetable do you wish we grew?”

  11. Play games or run contests (with photos, of course). “Name the newborn baby pigs!”

When it comes to social media marketing, time, patience and consistency are key. Don't expect to immediately start gaining followers. It takes a long time to slowly build a community, but it's always worth it in the end!

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